Tempo’s Guardian 2300 Series LED Tread/Riser Stair Nose Lighting is made for tread edge deliniated and step landing illumination. The flexible extrusion is designed to create a nose cap that molds to uneven surfaces to ensure a long lasting and structurally sound nose edge. The profile of the Carpet to Carpet version of the Guardian Series is designed to allow the edge of most commercial grade, low pile carpet to be easily tucked under the wings of the vinyl extrusion on both tread and riser. One or two rows of our unique two-inch light cells, the first on the tread edge and the second on the riser face of a stair nose, can be powered separately with the use of Tempo’s innovative two-circuit redundant wiring. The 2300 Series can be customized to meet the design criteria of any venue’s steps through the use of available wiring options, end cap arrangements, LED spacing and lighting colors.


  • This product is custom manufactured, please allow for additional lead time. Please call for vinyl colors. Black is standard.

    Need overall size in inches including any end caps.