Tempo’s Sentinel™ Seat Light II is a low voltage, class 2, LED based stairway and aisle lighting luminaire that incorporates a back-lit informational panel. The compact design of the Seat Light II is perfect for live performance auditoriums, cinemas and a wide variety of commercial and institutional applications. Designed to provide a wide and uniform distribution of light over a path of egress from a low mounting height, the Seat Light II can also direct patrons and staff via a customizable graphics panel. The Seat Light II is extremely durable. Constructed of a two piece die cast aluminum housing with a black anodized finishing treatment along with an impact resistant acrylic lens, the Seat Light II can withstand the harshest interior environments. Utilizing high output, low energy consuming, lighting class LED’s, Seat Light II offers years of maintenance free service.

Sentinel™ Seat Light II